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Muscle Keepers™


Muscle Keepers is a  muscle maintenance program scientifically developed to help you delay the natural loss of muscle mass seen in older active men and women.

Muscle Keepers is designed to keep you motivated.

Muscle Keepers provides tips, training, coaching, and a community.


We all know how difficult it is to stay on a program whether it's to lose weight or exercise. The staff of Strong Age has all been there. We realized if the developers of Senior Muscle Maintainer occasionally lose focus and "back slide" it's even more difficult for individuals or couples on their own.


So, we're developing a network of StrongAge Senior's Coaches to help folks every week. There will be short meetings, "Strength Ins", tips, recommendations, and, of greatest importance, sharing. Our customers come up with the best ideas. These meetings will provide a way your group can share local tips and the meeting coaches can share the best tips from around the country.


This is going to be fun!

Are YOU interested in becoming a StrongAge Senior's Coach™?

We're just getting started with this exciting new program. So, we're looking for folks to lead local meetings as a StrongAge Senior's Coach!
If you are interested, send an email to:


We'd like to know where you're located and about any experience you have leading groups. Retired military and teachers make great coaches. But we'll have training materials suitable for almost everyone.

Learn more about Muscle Keepers


Watch this space for information as we roll out the program.

Do you have ideas and tips to share?

Watch this space for your opportunity to be a StrongAge Contributor.

We're looking for writers who have experiences with SMM (or other Senior health products) to write articles for the Muscle Keepers website.

Share your tips and insights on aging strong. Share your exercise tips. Share your motivation methods. Share how you're keeping strong and healthy as you experience the good things about getting older!

Drop us an email at:


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