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How Aging affects your Muscles and How Supplementation can help!

The following links point to just a few of the available research, information, and opinion concerning Sarcopenia. We've included a few research articles intended for the scientific community. But, most of the articles are written for laymen.  We've added a few "Tidbits" or brief statements taken from a variety of sources.

Please note that Strongage SMM™ doesn't include all the vitamins mentioned in the Vitamins section. Some vitamins have mixed effects - especially DHEA. We felt it was best that you investigate the risks and benefits of such ingredients for your self. This is an area where on size does not fit all. In the future we will be posting links to articles written by members of our staff. We're also considering offering selected vitamins for those who wish to add them to their daily routine. 

Sarcopenia and muscle wasting

·         Sarcopenia: European consensus on definition and diagnosis: Report of the European Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older People

·         What exactly is Muscle Loss?

Aging and Muscles

·         Brain connections break down as we age (happen normally in very young children…

·         Muscles Remember Past Glory | Wired Science |

·         How to Avoid Losing Muscle as You Age - On Fitness (

·         Muscle Loss: How To Prevent Muscle Loss As You Age

Protein Supplements

·         Nutrition: How Much Protein Do You Need? - The Doctor

Protein Supplementation and Cancer

·         Oral protein and energy supplements in cancer patients.

·         Effect of fish oil on appetite and other symptoms in patients with advanced cancer and anorexia/cachexia: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study

·         … expenditure and physical activity in cachectic patients with pancreatic cancer can be modulated by an energy and protein dense oral supplement enriched with n-3 …

·         Dietary counseling improves patient outcomes: a prospective, randomized, controlled trial in colorectal cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy

·         The effect of an oral nutritional supplement enriched with fish oil on weight-loss in patients with pancreatic cancer

·         Cancer muscle loss might be reversible

Vitamins – Why we recommend

·         Vitamin D – Even more essential  as we age

o   After examining evidence in support of raising recommended daily intake of vitamin D, IOF researchers issued a new position statement specifically aimed at older adults

1) Daily intake of 800 to 1,000 IU
2) Daily intake of 2,000 IU for those who have osteoporosis, get limited sun exposure, or are obese

Americans, young and old, have been found in many studies to be quite low in vitamin D.

o   New Vitamin D Guidelines Issued


·         SAMe and DHEA both provide antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects.


Arginine - why our formula doesn't contain it

·         British Journal of Cancer - Arginine deprivation, growth ...

·         Arginine and Cancer


·         In Pictures: Best Ways To Build Muscle At Any Age -

·         Muscle mass in elderly boosted by combining resistance exercise and blood flow r...

Our Formula

·         Chocolate milk is a 'natural' for post-exercise recovery

·         Add These to Your Sandwich to Stop Strokes - Health Tip – RealAge
{Or protein shake – we did it for you!}


Dieting alone may not help stave off type 2 diabetes; muscle mass, strength important
low skeletal muscle mass and strength — is often found in obese people and older adults; it has been hypothesized that sarcopenia puts individuals at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes.

SAMe and DHEA both provide antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects. While evening doses of SAMe may cause sleep issues due to a "stimulating effect," DHEA promotes sleep.


SMM isn't an "anti-aging miracle cure" but, combined with twice a day sensible exercise, SMM™ can make a real difference in your life!


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