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A: FAQ is an acronym for "frequently asked questions."


We keep track of all the questions customers ask. When we find questions that are asked by several customers, we post them here. So, if you have questions, please drop us an email and we'll do our best to answer promptly!

A: Sarcopenia is the degenerative loss of muscle mass and strength caused by aging. Sarcopenia is one component of the Frailty syndrome. People lose 0.5-1% of muscle mass per year after the age of 25. This loss accelerates in the 50s and accelerates again in the late 60s and early 70s. Most authorities state that new muscle can not be created after 60.

Sarcopenia is characterized first by a decrease in the size and strength of the muscle, which causes weakness and frailty. During sarcopenia, there is a replacement of muscle fibers with fat and an increase in fibrosis. For more information see the Wikipedia article.

A: No. There is currently no cure for Sarcopenia.  Scientists are working hard on finding a drug that will stop or reverse Sarcopenia, and there are some promising candidates in the pipeline. But there is currently no cure for Sarcopenia.

SMM is a dietary supplement that, when combined with our specially designed exercise program, can slow the normal decline in muscle mass. Some individuals may experience a significant increase in muscle mass but we don't make that claim and that isn't the purpose of SMM.

A: You need to take SMM, and exercise, for as long as you want to maintain your muscles. When you stop taking SMM and stop exercising, your body will return to the gradual loss of muscles mass rate based on your age and physiology. However, you will be starting from a higher level.

A: Yes, there can be. Please see the the next FAQ and the disclaimer page for details. You may be allergic to some ingredient - although we haven't seen any allergies in our testing and we intentionally avoided ingredients known to cause allergic reactions. You must consume adequate fluids when taking SMM. Follow the directions carefully. SMM contains a small amount of caffeine so avoid taking SMM right before bedtime. Always consult your physician before starting an exercise program or using any supplement.

A: In general, anyone who has a condition where protein isn't properly processed should not take SMM. Also, anyone with kidney or liver disease should avoid extra protein in their diet. SMM provides such additional protein. Anyone who should not take stimulants should not take SMM because it contains a small amount of caffeine and theobromine.
Q: Will SMM™ interfere with my medications?
A: There are so many medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, that it is impossible to answer this question. If you are taking any medication, you must discuss possible interactions with your physician and your pharmacist. Take the bottle with you so your advisor can review the list of ingredients.

A: Well, that depends. You will be adding about 50 grams of protein to your diet. You will also be adding a couple grams of cane sugar. If your don't increase your exercise and keep eating just the same, you might gain weight.


People respond differently to SMM. Some folks tell us SMM acts like an appetite suppressor - they're just not as hungry. Other folks have an initial weight gain which levels off after the second month. 


If you increase your exercise and eat sensibly, you should lose a few pounds as you replace some fat with lean muscle. 

A: Well, that depends. Folks who report outstanding results (individual results will vary) tell us that they've changed the way they eat. These folks stop drinking beer and sodas, stop eating snacks, and eat more protein at meal time. 


Why? Because soda and sweet foods lose their addictive properties and protein foods seem to 'taste better'.


Another weight losing effect is that as folks feel stronger, they increase their activity. We've had customers tell us that they're enjoying activities that they'd given up years ago.


Just getting off the sofa is a great way to lose a few pounds!

Now we're not claiming that SMM is a substitute for proper nutrition. SMM is not intended to replace meals. It's not a diet. But it can help you lead a more active life and that can lead to weight loss.

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