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Five Reasons to use SMM


SMM™ is designed to help you retain muscle mass four ways:
  1. Increase protein consumption
  2. Time the intake of protein for optimal effect
  3. Transport the protein into your blood stream
  4. Transport the protein from your blood stream into you muscles

Combining reasonable exercise with SMM™ keeps your muscles working and working muscles are healthier. SMM™ and exercise are the perfect partners to maintain strength with minimal effort.

Everyone knows that muscle burns calories. More muscle burns more calories. Activity burns calories. By keeping and using your muscles you can avoid sliding into inactivity. This directly confronts the triad of aging: muscle loss, less activity, more body fat.

Recent studies have indicated that one of the reasons seniors are more fall prone is lack of muscular strength and tone. SMM™ and exercise helps keep muscles strong and fit.

If you have a strong muscular figure, a fall or even an auto accident isn't nearly as likely to cause serious injury. Healthy muscles can absorb much more punishment that soft tissue.


Have we convinced you? If, so then