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Our pricing is based on the cost of manufacture, product shipping to our warehouse, salaries, a little advertising and, of course, state & federal taxes.

Since aging doesn't end, SMM™ must be taken every day. Thus price is extremely important. We work with large suppliers to keep our costs low. And, we pass on our savings to you!

Today most folks are more than a little skeptical about claims made by businesses. But here's our business philosophy anyway.

We started this company because we found that scientific research on
age related muscle loss was not being reflected in university education of health care practitioners, that no level of government was acting on this research, that physicians and nursing homes where not changing their practices, and that the news media was not informing people about break through research.

Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age. Several of us at StrongAge are among them. We've changed our lifestyle and eating habits to reflect solid science. We are enjoying the effects.

So, we decided to share our knowledge and our experience with others who are feeling the effects of what "everyone knows" is an inevitable decline in muscle strength and mass.

There's an old philosophical statement that we believe is true, "It isn't what you don't know that kills you. It's what you know that isn't true." Inevitable muscle decline just isn't (completely) true!

It can be slowed, and in a few people reversed, with the proper diet and exercise. Since the "proper diet" is really difficult to achieve, especially as we age, supplementation is required.

SMM was developed to be the supplement for aging seniors. We also developed guidelines for a few, reasonable, lifestyle changes that enhance the effects of SMM™.

So that's where our guarantee comes from.

You place your order through this website or over the phone.

When you place your first order, we ship you a free five day trial.

If you, for any reason, decide in those five days you don't want to use SMM™, simply email or phone us and say "No thanks."

Otherwise we process your credit card and ship you a 30 day supply.

Reorder during your third week and we'll ship you another month's supply so you won't run out.

Or, you' can sign up for a year's supply (coming soon!). We can either ship you a twelve month supply all at once or ship individual monthly installments. This takes the hassle out of monthly orders.